Monday, February 9, 2009

My Deal

So here's my deal. I'm currently in the Tanzanian capitol, Dar-es-Salaam, on the Indian Ocean helping my mom set up a cervical cancer program with the non-profit she directs, Grounds for Health. We have meetings here for the next few days, then we fly to Kigoma, Tanzania, which is near where the actual cervical cancer screening campaign will take place in June.

In Kigoma, we'll spend a week and a half meeting with partners, training trainers of community health workers (who will recruit women to come get screened), and figuring out logistics. Once this is done, my Mom and Kathy, Grounds for Health's project manager for Africa, who is also travelling with us, will fly back to the U.S., and I'll head overland to Kakamega, Kenya, where I'll spend the rest of my time in East Africa.

In Kakamega, I'll be living and working at the USFW Kakamega AIDS Orphans Project Care Center. I'm planning on helping around the care centre however I can, hopefully volunteering at a local school and a local hospital, and possibly running some programs in the community. We'll see what plays out once I get there.

When I return to the U.S. is unclear at this point, but I am definitely planning on being back for the fall semester at Wesleyan.

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  1. I didn't realize your mom was with you right now! That's so great. I'm glad to hear your plans are all falling into place.
    I look forward to reading more!